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To enhance advanced functions of digital devices, new technologies are developed day by day.Sato Shoji Corporation precisely meet the needs of clients by providing electronic industries with laminated board materials of printed circuit boards used in mobile phones and household appliances such as personal computers and digital cameras, sub-materials, equipment and machines related to manufacturing.
Hong Kong branch office provides business services to our clients not only Japanese-based clients, but also Japanese companies expanding operation overseas and local companies in countries including China, Taiwan and Korea.

Main line of products

Materials and Components Materials for Printed Circuit Boards •Copper-clad laminates (Two-sided boards, Laminated materials, Flexible substrates, etc.)
•Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheets
•Resist ink
•Copper foil and copper balls for plating
•Solder anode
•Metal substrates, heat sinks (aluminum substrates / thick copper boards)
Sub-Materials •Dry film resist
•Dust-proof, Moisture resistant, Heat-resistant transparent bags and aluminum bags
•Grass mask
•Cushioning materials for flexible circuit boards
•Stainless steel plate
•Polysame (polypropylene extruded sheet)
•IVH mold-releasing film
•Dust removing roll
•Inserting paper for preventing static electricity
•Ace Board
•WS sheets
•Bakelite board and aluminum entry board
•Chemical Products
•Products from overseas manufacturers
Equipment •Etching devices for 40μ cores (for fine pitch and flexible roll to roll)
•End face dust removal devices
•Clean booths
•Corona discharge devices
•Optical washing devices
•Trinc neutralization devices
•Copper chloride recycling plants (Copper recovery plant using etching waste liquid)

Contact information

Electronic Materials Dept Contact personnel : Makino

TEL:03-5218-5329  FAX:03-3286-1317